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Descriptive Essay - Original Writing - 963 Words

Thud. Slamming my head on the table I aimed yet another piece of crumpled paper towards the bin. Naturally, it misses, adding to the pile of miscellaneous paper waste. A pained sigh escaped my lips as I resigned myself to picking up my pen. Tapping some unknown rhythm on the desk, I tried to make sense of my thoughts. The bite marks on my pen lid pressed hard groves into my tired fingers, a simple reminder of reality. I needed some sort of inspiration. Another drawn out sigh as I decided that I couldn’t bare the table’s mahogany damnation any longer. My chair screeched along the hardwood floor and I clicked my pen to cast it away. A wistful glace to the window told me that the moon was yet to rear its head. It was still safe to go out.†¦show more content†¦Refocusing, I tread lightly to the nearest oak and sank beneath it. Another thud and it’s a wonder I don’t lose brain cells. Cooling air wrapped around me a protective blanket. Once again my wor ld became dark. Thoughts drifted to my work, the setting was strangely similar to this. My brows furrowed as I tried to think of an ending but frustration dissipated as I figured it was a fruitless pursuit right now. I needed a brief nap first. Something like a restart button. Just, a fleeting nap. Don’t stay too long, the night is coming. Don’t linger, the dark is closing. Eyes snap open with a start, sleep still holding fast to my bones disorients me. Darkness provided the illusion that my vision was still off. Blinking and rubbing my eyes I tried to come to terms with my surroundings. Realising that I wasn t dreaming I scrambled to my feet as darkness hung a heavy blanket around me. Shapes began to come into focus, silhouetted figures impeding my world. I should ve known better than to fall asleep in the forest. Suddenly remembering my cell, I fished my pockets for it to make use of the torch. Pulling it out, I sank back against the tree. Only 20% battery. Crestfallen, I shoved it back deciding to limit its use lest I really needed it. The foreign ground cracked beneath me penetrating the silence. A distant hoot echoed making me stop short. Don t go out in the forest at night. Don t let yourself sleep away. Yet here I was. One step at a time I tried toShow MoreRelatedDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1110 Words   |  5 PagesI don’t know h ow I got to where I am, but I’m here now, and I have to win if I want to live. I am in a game, and in order to live, I have to escape. That’s the thing, though: I don’t know how to escape. I was running for my life around this old house that looked like it came straight out of a horror movie. I doubled over and held my head in pain as I saw the static, which meant it was coming. I was being chased by what looked like a person but in no way acted like one. Just as it was about to appearRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1102 Words   |  5 PagesIt is on days like this when we stop to think about our life. Small drops of rain begin to dapple the cobblestone pavement as people whip out their umbrellas for cover. I continue sauntering down the busy street, relishing the feeling of a light shower. Moving with the mass of pedestrians, I stop at a crosswalk where I wait for the stoplight to turn green. A flower shop employee across the street scurries to br ing in the numerous bouquets and close the doors as rain starts rolling down the displayRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing914 Words   |  4 PagesDreamy I thought. Standing on the corner is a young guy with a smile. I see him here almost every day, so I linger for a while. He tells me his name, and I tell him mine. I m Ester, what s your name? I enquired. My names David .,He replied. We end up talking for a while and I asked him if he had ever left this city. He tells me of all these stories of the places where he s been, the distant lakes and mountains, and in valleys oh so green. I can see it in his eyes, he really has beenRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing974 Words   |  4 Pages I was used to moving round, having a mother who liked to travel more than making roots was something I had gotten used to. Still, I had never gotten used to the loneliness of an empty house when she was out exploring, or the feeling of leaving behind someone who could have meant something to me. Our most recent move was Oregon. It was pretty, and I didn’t mind it, but it was much different than Florida. Not only was it opposite sides of the country, it felt as if it were opposite worlds. InRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1012 Words   |  5 Pageshave plenty of time in the next month to think about my feeling in regards to Kendrick. I needed to finish up the article and get it off to my editor. I should be able to get it done by tonight and send an email in the morning. I was thinking of writing my next article about the sea life around the Scottish coast. Since our salmon dinner last evening I thought I would do a piece about the commercial salmon farming that began in Scotland in 1969. In 2002 over 145,000 metric tons of farmed AtlanticRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1561 Words   |  7 PagesThere’s something I need to say and what follows may not be something that you’d expect, it won’t be heartening or uplifting. If you remember today, I told you about going somewhere I wanted to go to†¦ I’m not sure if you believed and accepted what I now confess as untrue; it is partly. I needed to pull away emo tionally†¦ from you. You must have had fathomed that some degree of formality had seeped between us. Born of habit, formulaic greetings had become a routine. You presume that I’m a close friendRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1387 Words   |  6 PagesI was wearing a beautiful blue dress with sapphire gems all around the chest area as I entered the ball with Ciel and Sebastian. I took a good look around here, the hallway was lined with gold. There was a servant ready to escort us to the ball room. Hello, come this way. He said, walking forward. Wow, this place is so fancy! I exclaimed, looking around. It s fake gold. Ciel bluntly replied, bringing my hopes down. I sighed. Ciel sounded like he wasn t in a very good mood. Ciel, lightenRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1287 Words   |  6 Pages In the morning, Caireann woke me up. She stood above my bed, shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes, looking at her. Then I looked across the room to her empty bed. Andy s empty bed sat in the corner. I swallowed, climbing out of bed. Sleep well? Caireann asked me, starting out the door. Yeah, I said, going over to our small dresser. I had the bottom two drawers. Andy had the middle two, and Caireann had the top. I pulled open the drawers, pulling on a colorful tank top and a grayRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1345 Words   |  6 PagesLater that night, I was behind the wheel of my G-Wagon with Melissa in the passenger seat. She didn’t feel like driving since she was on the road all day and I understood so I didn’t mind when she asked me to. I had been tight-lipped. She kept eyeballing me as if she detected that something was bothering me but I just kept singing to my India Arie as if I was carefree. â€Å"So are you going to tell me what’s going on or no† Melissa said disrupting my own personal concert. I stopped singing and tookRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing1085 Words   |  5 PagesI WAS SITTING IN a taxi, wondering if I had overdressed for the evening, when I looked out the window and saw Mom rooting through a Dumpster. It was just after dark. A blustery March wind whipped the steam coming out of the manholes, and people hurried along the sidewalks with their collars turned up. I was stuck in traffic two blocks from the party where I was heading. Mom stood fifteen feet away. She had tied rags around her shoulders to keep out the spring chill and was picking through the trash

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Essay about informative speech Bill Gates - 1577 Words

I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: As college students, it is in our nature to procrastinate, whether it be doing essays hours before they’re due, 8 page research papers the night before, rushing to do last minute slides for a presentation or writing your informative speech that’s a third of our grade, during every break I had. We all, including myself, procrastinate. We can all thank Bill Gates for making our times of procrastination slightly more bearable by creating the Microsoft software that is accessible, easy to use and constantly evolving to meet consumer needs. B. Thesis Statement: Today I am going to inform you about Bill Gates who invented Microsoft software and started what is now known as the largest computer†¦show more content†¦You can now find versions of Windows on around 90 per cent of the worlds computers.† b. Impact: Bill Gates has created a software that not only is used in the United States but around the world, by creating windows 95 he made the use of the computers accessible and technologically enhancing the software. 3. Claim: Through Bill Gates accomplishment of Microsoft and at home computers he became known as one of the wealthiest men. a. Support: At last accessed in September 2013, states that Bill Gates is the wealthiest man in America and his current net worth is 72 billion and is considered to be number 6 of the most powerful people. b. Impact: Bill Gate is one of the very few billionaires in the world, because of his inventions, wealth and status he is able to influence much of society. Transition: Now that I have told you about Bill Gates accomplishments, I will explain his legacy C. Topic Sentence: Bill Gates legacy includes his generous donations to charity, his millennium scholarship, and 1. Claim: A part of Bill Gates Legacy is his generous donations to charity but much emphasizing on HIV and AIDS a. Support: At last accessed June 2013 It states that the foundation that Bill Gates donated too has committed more than US$2.5 billion in HIV grants to organizations around the world. We have alsoShow MoreRelatedNelson Mandela: The Living Legend1089 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Speech 101 5 November 2013 Informative Speech: Nelson Mandela: The Living Legend Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Nelson Mandela and his achievement and positive impact on Africa and the world. Central Idea: Nelson Mandela’s struggle and achievement in South Africa and around the world. Introduction: Attention Getter: Take a moment and think this situation. You are young and ambitious. Your dream is to free your people and your country. You decided to protest anyway againstRead MoreSopa1541 Words   |  7 PagesOutline for Informative Speech Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the Stop Online Piracy Act Organizational Pattern: I. Introduction: A. Attention Getter: How many of you have ever said, â€Å"Google it!† or â€Å"look it up on YouTube†? I’m sure you’ve all said it more times than you can count, but imagine a world where neither site exists. No Google, no YouTube--weird, right? Now, imagine the Internet—one of the United State’s most robust and growing industries, without WikipediaRead MoreZen And The Art Of Computing1283 Words   |  6 Pagesunbelievable. Jobs worked with Pixar as well. - â€Å"Steve Jobs in 1994: The Rolling Stone Interview.† Rolling Stone. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2014. This source is another interview. It includes information such as relationships between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Apples inventions. It includes lots of information on how he works and what he finds best to do as a leader of a huge company. -â€Å"Fortune.† How Big Can Apple Get? N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Dec. 2014. Read MoreEthical Companies12021 Words   |  49 PagesLeibowitz 4. Abu Kassim Mohamed 5. James Wetta 6. Indra Nooyi 7. Paul Volcker 8. Lanny Breuer 9. Jeff Immelt 10. Joaquin Almunia 11 (tie). Barney Frank 11 (tie). Chris Dodd 13. Delaware Supreme Court 14. Mary Schapiro 15. Mike Duke 16 (tie). Bill Gates 16 (tie). Warren Buffett 18. Jeffrey Swartz 19. William Sessions 20. Robert Zoellick 21. Peter Loscher 22. Irving H. Picard 23. Andrew Cuomo 24. Dominique Strauss-Kahn 25. Nitin Nohria 26. Jeff Bezos 27. Ernst Ligteringen 28. KathleenRead MoreMethods of Qualitative of Data Collection19658 Words   |  79 Pagesit include explicit inner contemplation? Fourth, what is the purpose of the research: Does she assume that the primary purpose of the study is professional and essentially private (e.g., promoting her career), or is it intended to be useful and informative to the participants or the site? Related to the fourth category is the fifth: Who is the intended audience of the study—the scholarly community or the participants themselves? Sixth, what is the researcher’s political positioning: Does she viewRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pages(B) – latest developments in a successful tourist attraction. Brown Bag Films – strategy development and strategic choice for a small business in an international market ACME – innovation and entrepreneurship in the Indian mobile phone industry. Wimm-Bill-Dann – where from here for a high growth diversified Russian conglomerate? Alliance Boots – a major merger in the pharmaceutical distribution and retailing sector. Police Mergers – are mergers the best way forward in tackling major crime? EricssonRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesmanagement textbook, it is important that you understand its distinctive learner-focused features especially the five-step learning model: Skill Assessment, Skill Learning, Skill Analysis, Skill Practice, and Skill Application. You’ll also find informative research on how muc h managers’ actions impact individual and organizational performance, and the characteristics of effective managers. †¢ Thoughtfully complete the Skill Assessment surveys in each chapter. These diagnostic tools are designed toRead MoreBrand Building Blocks96400 Words   |  386 Pagessuccessful. If you picture a successful person, it takes you off in a different direction -- that of an action-oriented, perhaps even aggressive type. Finally, try not to come up with a whole laundry list of adjectives. Bring those powerful parts of speech down to two or three words that really convey the essence. Now, when you sit down to write a personality description, you need not subject yourself to a blank sheet of paper. Because there are three factors that can give you a substantial headRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesof Organization and Management, Sheffield Hallam University Joanne Duberley Birmingham Business School, The University of Birmingham Phil Johnson The Management School, The University of Sheffield . Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies throughout the world Visit us on the World Wide Web at: First published 2007  © Pearson Education Limited 2007 The rights of Joanne Duberley, Phil Johnson and John McAuley toRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 Pageslearn about the agent’s action choice—he knows what it is with certainty. Instead, the principal is committing to incur the variance investigation cost in order to mitigate the hidden action problem by basing the agent’s contract on an additional informative, but costly, signal y. What does the optimal variance investigation policy for this problem look like? For a large class of problems, the optimal variance investigation policy will be either of two forms depending on the risk-aversion of the agent:

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Building Relationships free essay sample

These are all questions that law enforcement organizations need to consider. According to a study done at Williams Institute of the University of California, there are nearly 700,000 transgender individuals living in the United States. Law enforcement has an obligation to provide services Just as they would for any other person. It states that transgender individuals are victimized by hate crimes and assaults more than others.A Latin immigrant survey, reported that 69 percent of respondents knew of a transgender who was murdered, 61 percent were victims of sexual abuse, 78 percent experienced random acts of violence such as being attacked n the street or insulted, and 34 percent reported being robbed, and all because they were transgender. These individuals are often victimized by perpetrators because of social bias that perpetuates stereotypes and myths about the community. Relationships between transgender individuals and law enforcement in the past have been about discrimination, prejudice, and harassment. Close to half of the respondents of the ENDS survey reported being uncomfortable talking to police. ND 34 percent reported being robbed, and all because they were transgender. These individuals are often victimized by perpetrators because of social bias that perpetuates stereotypes and myths about the community. Relationships between transgender Individuals and law enforcement In the past have been about discrimination, prejudice, and harassment. Close to half of the respondents of the ANDS survey reported being uncomfortable talking to police. Some are reluctant to report hate crimes or any crimes in general to law enforcement cause of negative experiences.It seems to be more common for transgender people of color and transgender women. Difficulties with identification of transgender individuals cause major anxiety and misunderstandings with law enforcement. Not all policies require people to update name and gender on Identification documents so many people have Identification that does not match their gender. Identity or appearance. Building a relationship between agencies and transgender individuals is very Important In moving on In todays society. It lists three steps to help build these legislations that In the past have been lacking.Step 1: Identify Leaders Identify local individuals or organizations that are leaders and allies in the transgender community. May include: nonprofits, transgender-led organizations, organizations give. Step 2: Develop Active Partnerships Identify leaders of the transgender community Reach out and develop a trusting, sustainable partnership Be aware of your own values, prejudices, and attitudes and how they are perceived Step 3: Maintain Open Communication Maintain an open and frequent line of communicationDeveloping a genuine active relationship before an incident occurs is paramount to building confidence in law enforcement agencies. All in all, it is very important to make sure you know how to handle every situation before having to respond to that call. Make sure you are using respectful language and terminology, refer to individuals according to their preferred names and self- identified ge nders, review basic academy lesson plans and retraining. All of the topics talked about in this article are ways to prepare and help you be the best officer you can make good connections with the community.

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The Real Freshman Fifteen free essay sample

Allow me to start off with the generals of college Dos and Donts. In retrospect, the process is fairly simple. But at the beginning it will probably seem like you are drowning in the incredible amount of flyers, paperwork, and ridiculously expensive textbooks they will throw at you. So the first thing to think about is staying organized. Whatever it takes, keep your notes for one class in the same notebook. Maybe you didnt have to study in high school, but at any reputable university, you will if you dont want your GPA to tank faster than you can say â€Å"engineering.† Another important thing to keep organized is your money supply. Unless youve ever done the grocery shopping for your family, chances are the cost of your meals over time will surprise you. Make a log of the money coming in, and the money going out, and dont fall into the traps of lending endless amounts of snackage, laundry money, or gas money to new friends. We will write a custom essay sample on The Real Freshman Fifteen or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page While its cool to be the nice one, that money adds up quickly, and haggling the unreliable ones is always the most difficult. I hate to include this pointer, but it is probably one of the most forgotten pieces of advice in the college world: personal hygiene. Every mothers worst fear (among many others, Im sure) is that their child will come home from their first semester of college with heaping piles of dirty clothes and hair down to their shoulders. While hair length is a personal choice, it better be clean every inch you grow it out. Nobody wants to be that person that sits alone in a 300 person lecture hall, not because they dont have friends, but because they have a serious case of the â€Å"Id rather sleep than use a bar of soap.† It kills me when guys use Axe because they think it will mask the smell of their laziness. It doesnt. To be fair, I did meet several gentlemen who were proficient and not only washing their clothes properly but also ironing them. To everyone else, where your shower shoes and pack quarters. Community bathrooms are cleaned, I promise. Having your life in order will certainly make transitioning from high school easier. However, nothing will ease the heart-throbbing loneliness youll feel the first time you hang up from a call with your parents and sit down to another easy-mac dinner while you rush to finish your unending homework. Therefore, making friends with your roommate is the next on the list. The reason this is not a more important item is simple: it doesnt always work. Fifty percent of the women I shared the fourth floor of my hall adored their roommates; in fact, mine is one of my closest friends. However, the other fifty percent suffered the spectrum of first world problems, from not being able to stand the smell of their roommate to full blown cat attacks that brought the rest of the floor running. Some people just are not meant to be together, but this is okay. If you keep a positive mindset, and worry about your own side of the room, you and your roommate will be able to stay pleasant and professional. This is important because no matter what happens in your day, you always have to return to that room, and that other person will most likely be there waiting. Whether they wait with a listening ear, or just a friendly hello, anything is better than awkward silences or rude gestures. This simple bond is a guaranteed pick-me-up when your world is at its lowest. The logical transition after this tip is, of course, to actually go out and make friends. But that, unlike staying hygienic and keeping track of your money is a little trickier. Not because finding the perfect social circle is something you need to worry about in college- it isnt. But finding people who wont cause drama in your life and instead choosing the ones who will help you grow as a person is not a one-step equation. In fact, finding friends leads into many other important topics you will hit as a college freshman. The big one that comes to mind is Getting Involved. I heard this from every single college student or graduate I talked to. It seemed like a high school record on repeat. Get good grades, make good choices, join some clubs. So many people said this to me, however, that I decided it must mean something. They couldnt all be conspiring to be broken records, right? So after being inundated with dozens of callout times, I took a chance and followed a new friend to a callout for the crew team. Although Id love to try, this essay is not an advertisement for the sport I love. However it is a chance for me to say that I wasnt even much of an athlete before joining the club that I couldnt imagine ever not being a part of. My point is that, even if you think you will never have time to do homework, you will never regret starting something and meeting the people who have the same interests as you. People who work in the same way, are driven, focused, passionate, or chill just like you. This is not high school anymore. People exist in every way possible and from every walk of life. And if youre doing something you love, you can make time for it. I cant stress that enough- grades are not everything. Your education is not the name of your school, major, and GPA. It is the entire experience, including the people you meet, connections you form, experiences you dive into, and everything else in between. Its difficult for me to think of the single most important piece of advice I could give to you, the incoming college freshman. True, I just finished my own freshman year a mere 30 days ago. Yet, so many important, amazing, terrifying, and new events happened to me in the 200 days prior to my calculus final that its really an arduous task to condense it down to a few poignant statements. I guess I could start off with â€Å"be yourself,† but how does someone know exactly who that is? You, the high school senior, have probably heard these two words a hundred times: â€Å"be yourself.† At this point in your life you are a collaboration of learning to make friends without your parents help, maneuvering out of the imminent dramas that erupt from these friendships, learning what Spark notes is, writing more college and scholarship essays than you care to count, and swilling down Senioritis by the gallon as each of your last weeks of school dwindle away. Youre probably a little nervous, anxious and exciting for all of the changes that are about to take place in your life. But mostly, you should be ready. Ready to take on whatever challenges face you, whether it be holding on to long distance relationships and friendships, making it through tough new classes, fitting in with a new group of friends, and standing out in the huge new community that you will now represent for the rest of your life. Being ready is more than your commitment letter, checking off that little box, buying that typically uncomfortable futon from Target. It doesnt mean you got straight As in high school and should now skip ahead to all the 200 level classes, and it definitely doesnt mean you need to know what youre going to be when you grow up. What it does mean is having an open and optimistic mind. If youre going to try to â€Å"be yourself† really what you have to do first is â€Å"create yourself.† You cant hope to do this without eliminating your preconceived notions, fears, limitations, and biases. While anchoring down on pre-established values may seem comforting, sometimes setting sail on a fresh course is the best remedy for that loneliness or apprehension you may feel at leaving home. Whichever way you choose, be ready. Its going to be an insane ride, and youre not going to want to forget a single moment.

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Cisco Global Business Strategy

Cisco Global Business Strategy Introduction The current competitive business world has presented many opportunities and challenges to different companies. This is as far as globalization is concerned. Different companies have been enhancing their operations to reach a wide market through globalization. The main aim of this report is to asses Cisco Systems Inc in relation to its strategic positioning in the market.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Cisco Global Business Strategy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In this case, the report will analyze and evaluate various strategic challenges that the company is facing. As a matter of fact, these strategic challenges will be looked at after a clear assessment of the company has been done. This is because every global or multinational company like Cisco Systems Inc is expected to encounter such challenges in the course of doing business. The report will also carry out a PESTEL analysis. This will be don e to evaluate the current external environmental conditions that the company is facing in its operations. It should be known that every company is exposed to different external environmental conditions that can end up affecting its operations and business. In a broad perspective, the report will evaluate if Cisco Systems Inc is strategically positioned in the market to exploit its strengths and on the other hand defend itself against its own weaknesses. In this case, the report will evaluate if the company’s current strategy is in deed sustainable. This will be done using Michael Porters Five Forces and Three Generic Strategies. As a matter of fact, the current competitive business world offers many opportunities to Cisco Systems Inc. In this case, there are some common urgent issues that the company needs to deal with as far as its global strategy is concerned. Therefore, the report will recommend a good course of action that can be undertaken by the company to deal with suc h issues. Wholesomely, the report will give various recommendations that can be used by the company to enhance its global competitive as far as strategic positioning is concerned. History Cisco Systems Inc is an American global company. The company develops and sells different consumer electronics in various countries. In addition, the company is a big player in communications technology and networking. As a matter of act, it offers different services as far as these aspects are concerned. The company’s headquarters are located at San Jose in California (Bunnell 2000, p. 14).Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The company has more than 70, 714 employees. In 2010, it is estimated that the company will receive revenues of more than $40 billion (Cisco 2010, p. 16). As a matter of fact, it is rated as one of the world’s largest technological corporations. I n addition, the company trades its stocks on the Dow Jones stock exchange market. It should be known that the company was founded in 1984. As a matter of fact, the company’s name was derived from the name San Francisco (Cisco 2010, p. 6). In a broad perspective, Cisco Systems Inc was one of the first companies to sell good routers that had the capacity deal with a large number of network protocols. Currently, its routers are widely used in different countries to enhance the delivery of IP packets. The company has been acquiring other companies to enhance its product base and bring in new talent that can help it to advance its operations. An example of these companies is Stratacom that was acquired to bring in new products. In 2000, the Cisco Systems Inc was the most valuable company around the world (Cisco 2010, p. 12). This was as far as its market capitalization was concerned. Strategic challenges Like every other technological company, Cisco Systems Inc is facing various c hallenges that need to be looked at. These challenges have been increasing as time goes by in relation to various and distinct prevailing market conditions (Paulson 2001, p. 17). As much as the company has faced different strategic challenges, it is the market leader in switches and routers. This can be evaluated from an enterprise and service provider point of view. One of the major strategic challenges that the company is facing is the fact that sales in the USA market are declining as time goes by. In this case, the company has a challenge to look for other markets to enhance its growth (Cisco 2010, p. 16).Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Cisco Global Business Strategy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Another strategic challenge that Cisco Systems Inc is facing can be seen in the erosion of margins in its existing markets. This has been brought about by increased competition in the global technological industry. Such issues have ended up affecting the company’s sales and revenue projections in a broad way. The company has to face new- low cost competitors in the market and this is a very big strategic challenge (Cisco 2010, p. 19). Low cost competitors have emerged because of various advancements in technology. This ends up giving them an advantage in the market. Cisco Systems Inc’s core technologies have been commoditized in the market and this is a strategic challenge that needs to be looked at. As much as USA accounts for 13% of Cisco Systems Inc’s market share, total sales have been declining because the market is saturated (Cisco 2010, p. 10). As a matter of fact, demand is softening in this market and the company needs to be creative and innovative to increase its overall demand and sales. PESTEL Analysis A PESTEL analysis is very important in assessing the current environmental conditions that Cisco Systems Inc is facing in the market. In this case, it is done t o analyze various economic, social, political, environmental, legal and technological issues that affect the company and its operations (Traverso 2000, p. 21). Cisco Systems Inc is a global company and is therefore exposed to various macro environmental issues that define the way it conducts its business and operations. Cisco Systems Inc has to contend with various economic factors that it is facing in the market. Recently, there was the global financial crisis that had its effects on different businesses.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This means that various economies have not recovered as expected and the company needs to come up with good mitigation measures (Soederbaum 2008, p. 18). As a matter of fact, sales have been adversely affected in countries that were seriously hit by the global financial crisis. Because the company is a global player, it has been affected by exchange rate variations. This is because it sells its products in different countries with diverse and distinct currencies. It should be known that exchange rate variations keep on changing as time goes by. This is in relation to prevailing market conditions and scenarios (Moore 1995, p.9). Therefore, for the company to return to profitability, it has to trade carefully as far as the global financial crisis is concerned. This is because there has been a gradual return to normalcy in relation to the global financial crisis. In this case, economic uncertainty has affected the company’s profits in different markets. This is because there is a slow growth in GDP in other developing countries. There are other political factors that have ended up affecting the company’s operations. Different countries have had networking restrictions as far as the company’s business is concerned (Cisco 2010, p. 29). This has reduced its growth momentum in such countries. In most occasions, such countries have strict rules that are supposed to be adhered to. Cisco Systems Inc has to deal with various legal issues when it is establishing its operations in different countries. Some of these legal issues can either favor the company or work against the company. In this case, the company has been at the mercy of different legislations from various countries. Such legislations have political inclinations and can therefore be done with vested interests. In extreme cases, the company has been accused of being involved in China’s censorship issues. As a matter of fact, the company has been blamed for supplying China with the e quipment that it used to block internet sites (Slater 2003, p. 17). Such political issues have affected the company’s image in the global market. In this case, the company argued that it did not specifically supply China with the equipments that it used to block internet sites but it was doing business with no vested interests. Different countries have their own tax systems that are supposed to be adhered to. Some of this tax systems and policies might have serious implications for the company in different markets (Wright 2004, p. 14). This is because some countries levy large tariffs and quotas with an aim of protecting their home industries. In 2007, the company was accused for tax fraud in Brazil. Technology has been advancing as time goes by (Stauffer 2001, p. 23). As a matter of fact, Cisco Systems Inc is a technological firm with global operations. This means that it has to face various technological issues in enhancing its operations. The growth rate of technological a dvancements has been very high in recent years. This means that other technologies have been wiped out and made obsolete. In this case, Cisco Systems Inc has been forced to invest in research and development to come up with new products as far as technological advancements are concerned. It should be known that new technology has created new products in the global market. To remain competitive, the company has been coming up with new products in relation to existing market trends and dynamics. This therefore explains why the company has been acquiring other technological companies as time goes by (Waters 2002, p. 21). As far as technological forces are concerned, companies can effectively enhance their technological processes to reduce operational costs. This helps to improve on the quality of products through vibrant innovation activities. The company is currently exposed to a lot of social issues that need to be dealt with. Technology moves with existing market trends and dynamics (Wright 2004, p. 19). This means that the current consumer is very demanding and needs new products every now and then. In a broad perspective, there are various social trends in the market. These forces have an impact on the overall demand that a given company will have in the market. Markets like the UK have an ageing population that needs a lot of investment in pension payments. When announcing its Q4 results, the company implied that it has conservative customers (Cisco 2010, p. 29). This means that such customers are very cautious about the economy and will therefore limit their spending and investments. The technological industry has one of the most unpredictable social trends. This implies that customers want new experiences every now and then. In this case, the company has been forced to source for new talent to enhance its operations and market presence. The company has not been exposed to a lot of environmental issues. This is because most of its products do not need a lo t of environmental assessment (Young 2001, p. 18). The only issue has been the company’s ability to comply with various environmental requirements and expectations. In this case, the company has to look at all environmental issues when it is designing its products. This is because technology has an impact on the environment and should be evaluated for sustainability. All this factors are very important in coming up with a strategic management plan. Because Cisco is a global player in the technological industry, it needs to assess such aspects for its own sustainability (Young 2001, p. 18). This is because such macro environmental issues influence a business and its operations. Economic indicators will continue to play an important role in a company’s growth plans and future prospects. Current strategy and positioning Cisco Systems Inc is currently the world largest company in networking for the internet (Cisco 2010, p. 9). The company has been growing because of its ab ility to handle various external and internal business factors. All along, the company has focused on its core business by engaging in effective strategic partnering. To remain competitive, the company has maintained a positive cash flow as time goes by. This has enabled it to compete well with other competitors in the market. In a broad perspective, the company has built its core strategy by being customer centered. This means that its current business strategy is very competitive and sustainable (Cisco 2010, p. 15). In this case, all technological companies should continue being customer centered to enhance their market share. This is because customers can shift their attention and loyalty depending on their tastes and preferences. In this case, a company should occasionally consult customers to understand their needs. Porters’ five forces help to analyze an industry and enhance the development of a given company’s strategy. The bargaining power of customers has been increasing as time goes by (Porter 2008, p. 17). This is because the current consumer is more informed and demanding. As a matter of fact, e-business has been affected by distinct customer preferences. This is because customers want more personalized products. In extreme cases, they want such products to be delivered at their own convenience. To remain competitive, the company has come up with customer centered products to satisfy their individual needs and preferences. As a matter of fact, the company offers highly responsive services to its customers. Since its creation, the company has been moving products to customers (Cisco 2010, p. 16). As a matter of fact, the company has a lot of business processes to the internet as time goes by. The global technological industry has a lot of competitive rivalry. This has enhanced the emergence of various low cost companies. Such companies are threatening the existence of established companies like Cisco Systems Inc. In extreme cases, tech nological advancements have brought in new companies in the market. Therefore, the company has been forced to come up with new ways of doing business to remain competitive. In this case, the company has occasionally developed new products to keep off competition. Government policies have been encouraging technological advancements and that is why many companies have taken advantage of such provisions to establish their presence in the market (Slater 2003, p. 14). Competitive rivalry has also been intensified through various innovations that have taken place in the industry. The company’s strategy is very sustainable because it has been attracting new talent to enhance product development. There is a high threat of substitute products and services in the global technology industry. The existence of substitute products has increased buyers’ ability to switch products according to their needs. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of substitute products in the market (Wate rs 2002, p. 16). To remain sustainable, the company has built a good relationship with customers. This has been done by occasionally coming up with new products in relation to their needs at a particular time. The company relies on proper utilization of the internet to enhance its operations. Such aspects have seen it become one of the most successful technological companies in the world. As a matter of fact, the company has driven e-business to customers to enhance its performance. The bargaining power of suppliers for technological companies has been increasing in recent years. This is because technological companies have come up with better ways of doing business. In this case, suppliers can switch to different companies in relation to the prevailing market switching costs (Soederbaum 2008, p. 14). All this withstanding, the company has an effective distribution channel that it has used to enhance its operations and activities in the market. This has been done through good strate gic partnerships and relationships with different suppliers in the market. Although this has been improving as time goes by, the company has projected that it will experience different supply chain constraints that are expected to affect its 2010 financial performance (Cisco 2010, p. 18). The number of new competitors in the industry has also been increasing in relation to market needs and trends. This has always threatened the company’s core business. For sustainability, the company has come up with better ways of doing business. This revolves around new approaches to strategic management. In extreme case, the company has occasionally developed new products to remain competitive. Cisco Systems Inc’s success and continued profitability can be attributed to proper enforcement of porters’ three generic strategies. The company’s segmentation strategy has been very effective in penetrating new markets (Cisco 2010, p. 12). In this case, it has identified diffe rent market segments that need to be attended to. As a matter of fact, the company has differentiated its products to compete well with other market players and companies. This is because customers want new and effective products in the market. The company’s cost leadership strategy has enabled it to appeal to different price sensitive consumers. As a matter of fact, the company has always come up with good prices to suit its target market. This is because its serves different clients with distinct needs. In a broad perspective, the company was able to save $ 1.5 billion dollars in 2009. This was done through effective cost avoidance and increased operational efficiency in its operations around the world. Cisco Systems Inc has a good strategic scope that has focused on effective customers’ needs delivery. In this case, the company competes in all market segments. Globalization has come up as a new way and approach of doing business (Cisco 2010, p. 14). To show how stra tegic the company is, it provides internet protocol to all businesses around the world. This means that the company has strategically positioned itself in the market to serve various market needs and interests. Urgent issues Cisco Systems Inc has to deal with various issues as far as its global strategy is concerned. The company has been receiving criticisms in relation to its global activities. Such criticisms include the China censorship issue that gave the company a bad image. To solve such issues, the company should be open about its business activities and operations (Cisco 2010, p. 26). This is because customers might not want to associate themselves with a company that colludes with other governments to infringe on the rights of internet consumers. The company has also been facing legal lawsuits in different countries. These lawsuits have been advanced by various organizations and companies in relation to its activities and operations. An example of such a lawsuit is the shar eholder class issue where the company ended up paying $ 91.75 million (Cisco 2010, p. 11). In this case, the company should review it’s cooperate practices to avoid any controversies. It should be known that the company is experiencing supply chain constraints that need to be attended to for sustainability. This is because the global market is vey competitive and such incompetency’s can end up being costly to the company. Such an aspect can be looked at by evaluating the company’s component lead time that is supposed to be improved as time goes by (Cisco 2010, p. 13). The company should ensure that it reduces its supply chain constraints to remain competitive. The company needs to review its strategy to reflect the current global financial crisis’s real market situation. This is because there is a market uncertainty that has seen many countries experience slow GDP growth rates (Cisco 2010, p. 9). Such an aspect is expected to affect the company’s r evenue projections. In this case, the company should come up with better ways of enhancing its sales and revenues. Another urgent issue is the slow recovery from the global financial crisis than it had been projected. As a matter of fact, the company’s customers have ended up being cautious in their spending. Because these customers are re-evaluating their spending, the company should come up with a new approach to marketing to enhance its sales and operations. The company should also deal with an unfavorable product mix. This is because it has been introducing new products in the market every now and then. As a matter of fact, sales of its core products; switches and routers have dropped by 1.4% in the third quarter of 2010 (Cisco 2010, p. 23). There is also an impact of different government regulations. This has affected its sales margins in different ways. In this case, it should clearly evaluate markets before launching its operations. Conclusion and recommendation Like e very other technological company, Cisco Systems Inc is facing various challenges that need to be looked at. These challenges have been increasing as time goes by in relation to the prevailing market conditions. One of the major strategic challenges that the company is facing is the fact that sales in the USA market are declining as time goes by. In this case, the company has a challenge to look for other markets to enhance its growth. Therefore, it is recommendable for the company to enhance product development to remain competitive. The company should also exploit other emerging markets for sustainability. It will also be advisable for the company to engage in strategic alliances to increase its market share. In a broad perspective, Cisco Systems Inc should enhance its relationship with customers to know what they want in the market. This will enhance the company’s competitive advantage as time goes by. Reference list Bunnell, D., 2000. Making the Cisco Connection: The Story Behind the Real Internet Superpower. New York: Wiley. Cisco., 2010. Products and Services. Web. Moore, M, H., 1995. Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Paulson, E., 2001. Inside Cisco: The Real Story of Sustained MA Growth. New York: Wiley. Porter, M.E., 2008. The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy. Harvard: Harvard business Review. Reichheld, F., 1996. The Loyalty Effect. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Slater, R., 2003. The Eye of the Storm: How John Chambers Steered Cisco Through the Technology Collapse. New York: HarperCollins. Stauffer, D., 2001. Nothing but Net Business the Cisco Way. New York: Wiley. Soederbaum, P., 2008. Understanding Sustainability Economics. London: Earthscan. Traverso, D., 2000. Outsmarting Goliath. New York: Bloomberg Press. Waters, J. K., 2002. John Chambers and the Cisco Way: Navigating Through Volatility. New York: Wiley. Wright, R., 2004. A Short History of Progress. Toronto : Anansi. Young, J. S., 2001. Cisco Unauthorized: Inside the High-Stakes Race to Own the Future. New York: Prima Lifestyles.

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Basic Facts About the Vietnam War

Basic Facts About the Vietnam War The Vietnam War occurred in present-day Vietnam, Southeast Asia. It represented a successful attempt on the part of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam, DRV) and the National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam (Viet Cong) to unite and impose a communist system over the entire nation. Opposing the DRV was the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam, RVN), backed by the United States. The war in Vietnam occurred during the Cold War and is generally viewed as an indirect conflict between the United States and Soviet Union  with each nation and its allies supporting one side. Vietnam War Dates The most commonly used dates for the conflict are 1959-1975. This period begins with North Vietnams first guerilla attacks against the South and ends with the fall of Saigon. American ground forces were directly involved in the war between 1965 and 1973. Vietnam War Causes The Vietnam War first began in 1959, five years after the division of the country by the Geneva Accords. Vietnam had been divided into two, with a communist regime in the north under Ho Chi Minh and a democratic government in the south under Ngo Dinh Diem. In 1959, Ho commenced a guerilla campaign in South Vietnam, led by Viet Cong units, with the goal of reuniting the country under a communist government. These guerilla units often found support among the rural population who desired land reform.   Worried about the situation, the Kennedy Administration elected to increase aid to South Vietnam. As part of the larger goal of containing the spread of communism, the United States endeavored to train the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and supplied military advisors to aid in combating the guerrillas. Though the flow of aid increased, President John F. Kennedy did not wish to use ground forces in Vietnam as he believed their presence would cause adverse political consequences.   Americanization of the Vietnam War In August 1964, a US warship was attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. Following this attack, Congress passed the Southeast Asia Resolution which allowed President Lyndon Johnson to conduct military operations in the region without a declaration of war. On March 2, 1965, US aircraft commenced bombing targets in Vietnam and the first troops arrived. Moving forward under Operations Rolling Thunder and Arc Light, American aircraft began systematic bombing strikes on North Vietnamese industrial sites, infrastructure, and air defenses. On the ground, US troops, commanded by General William Westmoreland, defeated Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces around Chu Lai and in the Ia Drang Valley that year.   The Tet Offensive Following these defeats, the North Vietnamese elected to avoid fighting conventional battles and focused on engaging US troops in small unit actions in the sweltering jungles of South Vietnam. As fighting continued, leaders Hanoi contentiously debated how to move forward as American air strikes were beginning to severely damage their economy. Deciding to resume more conventional operations, planning began for a large-scale operation. In January 1968, the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong commenced the massive Tet Offensive. Opening with an assault on US Marines at Khe Sanh, the offensive featured attacks by the Viet Cong on cities throughout South Vietnam. Combat exploded throughout the country and saw ARVN forces hold their ground. Over the next two months, American and ARVN troops  were able to turn back the Viet Cong assault, with particularly heavy fighting in the cities of Hue and Saigon. Though the North Vietnamese were beaten with heavy casualties, Tet shook the confidence of the American people and media who had thought the war was going well. Vietnamization As a result of Tet, President Lyndon Johnson chose not to run for reelection and was succeeded by Richard Nixon. Nixons plan for ending US participation in the war was to build up the ARVN so that they could fight the war themselves. As this process of â€Å"Vietnamization† began, US troops started to return home. The mistrust of Washington that had begun after Tet increased with the release of news about bloody battles of questionable value such as Hamburger Hill (1969). Protests against the war and US policy in Southeast Asia further intensified with events such as soldiers massacring civilians at My Lai (1969), the invasion of Cambodia (1970), and the leaking of the Pentagon Papers (1971).   End of the War and the Fall of Saigon The withdrawal of US troops continued and more responsibility was passed to the ARVN, which continued to prove ineffective in combat, often relying on American support to stave off defeat. On January 27, 1974, a peace accord was signed in Paris ending the conflict. By March of that year, American combat troops had left the country. After a brief period of peace, North Vietnam recommenced hostilities in late 1974. Pushing through ARVN forces with ease, they captured the Saigon on April 30, 1975, forcing South Vietnam’s surrender and reuniting the country.   Casualties United States: 58,119 killed, 153,303 wounded, 1,948 missing in action South Vietnam 230,000 killed and 1,169,763 wounded (estimated) North Vietnam 1,100,000 killed in action (estimated) and an unknown number of wounded Key Figures Ho Chi Minh – Communist leader of North Vietnam until his death in 1969.Vo Nguyen Giap – North Vietnamese general who planned the Tet and Easter Offensives.General William Westmoreland – Commander of US forces in Vietnam, 1964-1968.General Creighton Abrams – Commander of US forces in Vietnam, 1968-1973.

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Burger King and Mc Donalds Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Burger King and Mc Donalds - Case Study Example Realizing the importance of this Burger King has launched a donation with VISA to fund Foundation Education Program. Product Research & development and a strategy of continuous innovation: Keeping an eye on the changing consumer tastes and allocating budgets for testing of different variants helps a company keep abreast of change. This strategy was initially successful and consumers started preferring the Burger king fries. However, it was not successful in the long run due to inefficient implementation. Excellent Branding and Marketing Activities: In 1998, when Burger King launched the fries with the tag line "Decision 98: Try the Fry America" and the Free Fryday giant national giveaway eventually led to Burger King's Fries being ranked number one as compared to the Mc Donald's Fries for the first time in history. The greatest weakness of Burger King is the strength of the franchisees which on the whole does not work in favour of Burger King. The reason for this is that franchisees have formed some type of a unionized cartel and has the strength to actually steer the management's decision. Another weakness lies in the product. The procedure for making coated fries is so difficult and involves so many stages that there is no margin of error and even a small variance in the ingredients leads to spoilt taste. Vision: Burg External Analysis: Opportunities Vs Threats The increase in per capita consumption of fries from 6 pounds to seven pounds is an opportunity in itself which Mc Donald's has made use of but Burger King could not capitalize on it. Threats The greatest threat is entry of competition. In the last few decades One Potato Two Potato has become very strong in

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Marketing And Sponsorship For Events And Sports Essay

Marketing And Sponsorship For Events And Sports - Essay Example The teams will be composed of players from various universities, an all-star game of sorts. Having these players participate in the game will increase the interest of the target audience. Amateurs may draw inspirations from these games, and eventually apply the techniques in their own fields. Part of the organizer’s marketing plans is to do radio advertisements two weeks before the event. Utilizing above-the-line media will expand the organizer’s reach and will definitely elicit interest among listeners. Below-the-line media such as posters and flyers will also be used. To support the marketing budget, sponsorships with media and consumer groups shall be initiated. This will result in support in terms of budget and promotions. At the end of the event, the organizers targets for the audience to have increased interest in sports, consequently increasing inquiries in sports-related courses and programs. II. TARGET MARKET III. SWOT a. Strengths – Middlesex University in London is known for its support to Sports Activities. In fact, its involvement in sports activities goes to the extent of encouraging its students to participate and volunteer in sports-related activities. Further, as stated in its website, picking which sports to participate in is a student’s second major decision after selecting the course to take (Middlesex University London 2012). Its expertise and participation in sports activities in the city is a good work ground in implementing this Sports Open Day. Another factor that may considered as strength is the Londoners’ obvious love for sports, which was probably fueled by the city’s hosting of the 2012 Olympics. The clamor for sports activities is still lingering, and the youth are the best group that considers sports-related activities a one of their priorities. b. Weakness – Activity-related funds are still being built up, with great dependence on sponsorships. Though a lot of organizations and co mpanies have the capacity to pledge support for the program, the university’s challenge is to be able to get the needed funds to ensure success of the event. Further, the organizers should be able to come up with the needed funds within a span of less than two months, a feat that is achievable, but would entail hard work for the marketing committee team. c. Opportunity – The city government of London has promised to put in more support in sports-based activities through the mayor’s legacy projects (Increasing opportunities to play sports 2012). Middlesex Universities’ Sports Event is aligned to this goal, and as such, the situation provides a great opportunity for the marketing and promotions with the support of the local government. Having this kind of supporting environment strengthens opportunities to the event organizers. d. Threats – No known major threat has been identified, though probably, the presence of sports-related campaigns that are m ore commercial in value lessens the attractiveness of this endeavor. The organizers however would still want to capitalize on this threat and use it to the event’s advantage by not antagonizing mainstream efforts. Bringing in sponsors from the mainstream group will address this threat as having consumer companies participate in the Sports Open Day would mean opening doors to a wider market reach. IV. OBJECTIVES The

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Abnormal behavior Essay Example for Free

Abnormal behavior Essay There are many factors that affect and produce abnormal behavior. Its aspects vary largely depending different factors. Abnormal behavior has many varying classifications. According to the   DSM-IV, there are 5 types of Axis that classify abnormal behavior. Out of these five, there is much importance on the effect of situational factors that can range from simple or grave in nature, nonetheless, situational factors provide a huge effect on abnormal behavior. The DSM-IV provides categorical classification that segregates mental disorders into different kinds or types from a basis of sets of criteria that possess defining features. The five types are the following: Axis I Clinical Syndrome, Axis II Personality Disorder and Mental Retardation, Axis III Physical Disorder, Axis IV Psycho-social stressors and Environmental Problems, and lastly, Axis V Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF). See more: Homeless satire essay Abnormal behavior represents different effects. The causes and stimulants for this abnormal behavior may vary very uniquely. But every abnormal behavior condition can be consequences of genetic predisposition, developmental factors that influence, patterns learned due to response from situations, impact of acute or chronic life experiences, defective assumptions, and adaptation to situations. Excluding the genetic predisposition, abnormal behavior largely revolve around factors of different situations that may have started or aggravated the said abnormal behavior. The once normal behavior of people can change due to a very life-changing situation. Examples of these are traumatic events or major disasters that occurred in ones life. Such disorders or abnormality may greatly have been caused by these kinds of situations which resulted to the change of the normal behavior into abnormal.

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Love and Neurobiology: Not So Strange Bedfellows :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Love and Neurobiology: Not So Strange Bedfellows "The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed." -J. Krishnamurti Love is one of life's great mysteries. People live and build their lives around love. For many people, love, or the quest to find love, is a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Love is arguably the most overwhelming of all emotions. Many ideals and religions consider the bond of love sacred. But, why do people fall in love? Is romantic love an enigma, or can it be reduced to the presence of certain chemicals and neurotransmitters within the brain at a given time? In the hit movie Roxanne, Steve Martin plays an articulate, put-together fire chief. However, when he falls in love with Roxanne, he acts crazy and performs dangerous acrobatics on her balcony in an attempt to earn her love. In Titanic, the two lovebirds risk it all in a vein attempt to pursue their love. And, in Shakespeare's classic, Romeo and Juliet, the love struck Venetians deny their families and take their own lives in the name of love. What causes this temporary insanity that most everyone encounters at some point in his or her life? Many believe that love is spontaneous and inexplicable, however many neurobiologists disagree. They stand by the idea that the brain causes all behavior, even love. The scientific definition of love is "having stimulation that one desires" (5). Recent research by two British neurologists concludes that love is linked to certain brain activities. By conducting tests using a magnetic resonance imager, the scientists measured brain activity in 17 people while they were viewing a picture of their loved one, and while they were viewing a photo of a friend of the same sex as their lover. When the individuals see the picture of the person they love, clear activity occurs in four regions of the brain that were not active when the image of the friend was present. The media insula, which is responsible for instinctual feelings, and the anterior cingulate, which acts in response to euphoria-inducing drugs, such as cocaine, are the two areas of the cortex stimulated by pictures of a lover. The striatum, that is activated when we are rewarded and the prefrontal cortex also increase their activity when shown the same picture.

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The Micromax Mobile Phone

[pic] X560 User Manual INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing this Micromax mobile phone. To obtain the best performance of your phone, please read this user manual carefully. Table of Contents 1Safety4 1. 1 Safety Precautions4 2Introduction5 2. 1Phone and Accessories5 2. 2To Lock/Unlock6 2. 3Your Phone6 2. 4About your phone6 2. 5About SIM Card and the Battery6 2. 6To switch ON and OFF7 3Phonebook7 3. 1To Add a contact7 3. 2To View a contact7 3. 3To Call a contact7 3. 4To Edit a contact7 3. 5To Delete a contact8 3. 6To Copy a contact to phone memory8 3. 7To Move a contact8 3. 8Send a contact8 . 9Add to Blacklist8 3. 10Caller groups8 3. 11Phonebook settings8 4Calling9 4. 1Call waiting9 4. 2Call Barring9 4. 3Call divert9 5Call Logs10 5. 1Missed calls/dialed calls/received calls/blocked calls10 6Messages10 6. 1Write SMS10 6. 2SMS Inbox10 6. 3SMS Draftbox11 6. 4SMS Outbox11 6. 5Sent items11 6. 6Archive12 6. 7Delete Messages12 6. 8Templates12 6. 9Message settings12 6. 10EMAIL12 6. 11Broadc ast Message13 7Phone & Call Settings14 7. 1Customized General Settings/Phone Settings/ Connection Settings14 8User Profiles15 8. 1User Profile Setup15 9Entertainment16 9. 1Camera16 9. 2Image Viewer16 . 3Video Recorder16 9. 4Video Player17 9. 5Music Player17 9. 6Photo editor17 9. 7Sound Recorder18 9. 8Slide show18 9. 9FM Radio18 10Fun & Games18 10. 1Games18 11Bluetooth18 11. 1To Activate/Deactivate Bluetooth Connectivity19 11. 2To Search/Inquire Audio Device19 11. 3To Search My (new) device19 11. 4Active Device19 11. 5Settings19 12Organizer19 13File Manager20 14WAP & JAVA Services21 14. 1WAP Browser21 14. 2WAP Setup21 14. 3Java21 15STK22 15. 1STK Services22 16Inputting Text22 17Phone Suite22 18Maintenance23 19Taking Care of your Device24 20After Services25 Safety 1. 1 Safety Precautions Please read through the following briefings carefully, and act in accordance with these rules, so as to prevent causing any danger or violating any law. Safe driving 1) Do not use the phone while driving. When you have to use the phone, please use the personal hands-free kit. 2) Please put the phone safely in the phone stand. Do not put it onto any passenger seat or any place from which it may fall down in case of vehicular collision or emergency braking. Turn off during a flight: Flight is influenced by interference caused by the phone. It is illegal to use a phone on the airplane. Please turn off your phone during a flight. Turn off the phone when within an area where blasting takes place: Be sure to strictly observe the related laws and statutes by turning off the phone when you are within, or in the vicinity of, an area where blasting takes place. Turn off the phone when any dangerous goods are in vicinity: Please turn off your phone when you are close to a gas station or in the vicinity of any place where fuel and chemical preparations, or any other dangerous goods are stored. In hospital: Please obey the related rules or bylaws of the hospital when using your phone in a hospital. Be sure to turn off your phone when near any medical equipment. Your use of any wireless transmission equipment, inclusive of the phone, will interfere with any medical equipment that is not protected fully, and other electronic equipment items, too. Should you have any question in this regard, please consult a related physician or medical equipment supplier. Interference: Each and every phone’s performance may be affected due to radio interference. Professional service: The phone must be installed or repaired by no other personnel than professionals. You are likely to suffer a huge risk when you install or repair this phone by yourself, which also goes against the warranty rules. Fittings and battery: You shall use the fittings and battery acknowledged by the phone manufacturer only. Using unauthorized accessories may tamper the warranty of the device. Emergency call: You may enter a telephone number (112, etc. ) to ask for emergency help after making sure that the phone has been turned on and is in the service status. Press the Send Key to call out. Disclaimer: Micromax will not bear any responsibility for any incompliance with the above mentioned guidelines or improper usage of the mobile phone. Micromax keeps the right to make modifications to any of the content here in this user guide without public announcement in advance. The content of this manual may vary from the actual content displayed in the mobile phone. In such a case, the latter shall govern. Introduction 1 Phone and Accessories Open the packing box of the phone and check that you have the Phone, Standard Charger, Standard Battery, USB cable, Earphone, Service Guide, Software CD, Leather pouch and Warranty Card. 2 To Lock/Unlock To unlock your phone (if auto keypad is enabled), press the small button on the top side of the phone. Or to unlock the phone slide up on the message displayed on the screen. 4 Your Phone [pic][pic] 5 About your phone Micromax X560 is a complete Touch phone. The main display of your phone is divided into 2 screens, slide your finger across the phone to change to the other screen to view more features. You can also change wallpapers by simply sliding your finger across the screen and choose from a wide range of interesting wallpapers. 6 About SIM Card and the Battery Please store the cards out of children’s reach. The card and the contacts are vulnerable to damage due to scratching or bending. Therefore, be careful when using, inserting or removing the cards. Be sure to switch off the phone before you insert or remove the battery or the card, otherwise, the phone may be damaged. Tips: The battery icon [pic] displayed on the screen indicates that the battery power is low. Please charge the battery. Please charge the battery before you use the newly purchased phone. We suggest you charge the battery for 4 hours continuously for the first time. Charging when the phone is in the ON mode will not influence the normal dialing and answering, but this needs to consume power, thus the time of charging will increase. We suggest you recharge the battery when the power is used up so as to prolong the life of the battery. 7 To switch ON and OFF To switch ON: Long press End key when the phone is in the OFF mode. If the phone lock has been activated, you need to enter the 4-digit password to unlock. (The preset unlock code is 0000. ) If the SIM card has been inserted in the phone, and the related PIN code protection is activated, you need to enter the 4-8 digit password to unlock. Warning: If you enter three wrong PIN codes in a row, the SIM card will be locked and you need to enter the PUK code to unlock. Both the PIN code and PUK code are provided by the network operator. To switch OFF: In the standby mode, press the key on the top side of the phone to power on and off. Phonebook You can store names and phone numbers in the memory of the phone or SIM card. Menu > Phonebook 1 To Add a contact Menu>Phonebook>Options>New Or in idle, tap on the calling icon to enter phone numbers and save a contact. 2 To View a contact Menu>Phonebook>Options>View In the contact list of the Phonebook, select to view the required name card 3 To Call a contact Menu>Phonebook>Options>Call View the contact number to make calls 4 To Edit a contact Menu>Phonebook>Options>edit Allows you to edit a contact 5 To Delete a contact Menu>Phonebook>Options>Delete Allows you to delete a contact 6 To Copy a contact to phone memory Menu>Phonebook>Options>Copy Copy the contact to the phone memory 7 To Move a contact Menu>Phonebook>Options>Move Move a contact from the phone to the SIM memory or vice-versa 8 Send a contact Menu>Phonebook>Options>Send contact Allows you to send a contact via message, MMS, email or Bluetooth 9 Add to Blacklist Menu>Phonebook>Options>Add to blacklist Add the contact to the blacklist 10 Caller groups Menu > Phonebook > Options>Caller groups To view the ‘caller groups’ folder tap on the fourth key above- to select the group to be set in the preset groups mentioned in the phone. Like- Friends, family, colleagues, others and more. 11 Phonebook settings Menu > Phonebook > Options>Phonebook settings †¢ Choose phonebook view- Choose a location to save your contacts in †¢ Speed dial- Choose numbers from your contact list and put them under the speed dial list †¢ My number- View your number vCard version- View the vCard version †¢ Extra numbers- View SIM1, SIM2 or SOS numbers †¢ Phonebook backup- Allows you to import & export contacts to and from the phonebook. †¢ Memory status-View the used and available phone & SIM memory †¢ Copy contacts- Allows you to copy a contact from the phone to SIM memory and vice-versa †¢ Move contacts- Allows you to mo ve a contact from the phone to SIM memory and vice-versa †¢ Delete all contacts- Delete all the contacts from SIM or phone memory Calling Note: Once you attend a call your phone will display a series of functions from you to choose from. For example- Mute, Send message, Hold call and more. Choose anyone feature to carry out the desired functions. 1 Call waiting Menu > Settings > Call settings>Call Waiting This function allows you to put the current call on hold and then answer a second one. If, during a call, a new call comes in, you will hear a special alert sound and the screen will display the number of the new incoming call, which indicates that a third-party call is coming in and waiting for to answer. 2 Call Barring Menu > Settings > Call settings >Call Barring The function is a GSM network service and can restrict outgoing and incoming calls selectively. If you need to change the settings of Restrict Calls, please contact your network operator to obtain the password for opening this service. 3 Call divert Menu > Settings > Call settings> Call divert With the Call Divert function (needs network support), you may divert incoming calls to another mobile phone or a direct line telephone, but not to any extensions of a fixed telephone. Call Logs 1 Missed calls/dialed calls/received calls/blocked calls Press the keys displayed on top of the screen to view> All calls/Dialed calls / Received calls/ Missed calls You may select View: View the desired entry Call: Call the desired entry Save to Phonebook: to save the number to the Phonebook Edit: to edit the number to dial or save to the phonebook. Send message: To write SMS/MMS to send to the number. Delete: To delete the entry. Delete All: Delete all the registered entry in one go. Call timer: View the call timers for the last/received/dialed calls or reset Call cost: View the call costs Messages 1 Write SMS Menu > Messages > Write SMS/MMS Write the content of the SMS Send to: Add contact number Input Method: select Smart abc/Numeric etc Add picture: Add a desired picture in the message you want to send as an MMS Add sound: Add a desired sound in the message you want to send as an MMS Add video: Add a desired video in the message you want to send as an MMS Add subject: Add a desired subject in the MMS message Slide Options: Allows you to add a slide ‘before/after in the current mms. Swtich to MMS: Allows you to switch from SMS to MMS, manually. Advanced: Insert text template/Insert attachment/contact number/insert contact name (embellish the characters of text)/ Insert bookmark. Save: Save the mms/sms Details: View the details of the MMS/SMS 2 SMS Inbox Menu > Messages > Inbox To read a message, move to the entry and press OK When reading a SMS, you can select Options > View: Allows you to view the SMS received. Reply: Reply to the message received. Call sender: Call on the number from which the SMS was received. Forward: Forward the entry to others. Delete: Delete the message. Delete all: Delete all the messages from the Inbox. Save to Phonebook: Allows you to save the number from which the sms was received to the phonebook. Mark as read: Mark the received SMS as ‘read’ ? Advanced: Copy to phone/SIM: Copy the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Copy all: Copy all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or copy all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. SMS Draftbox Menu > Messages > Drafts View: Allows you to view the SMS received. Send: Send the message saved in drafts Edit: Allows you to edit the SMS received. Delete: Delete the message. Delete all: Delete all the messages from the Inbox. Advanced ? Copy to phone/SIM: Copy the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Copy all: Copy all the message s stored in SIM to the phone memory, or copy all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. Move all: Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. 4 SMS Outbox SMS that have been sent and saved are stored in Outbox. Menu > Messages > Outbox SMS that have been sent and saved are stored in Outbox. To read a message, move to the entry and press OK When reading an SMS, you can select Options > View: View the message saved in outbox Resend: Select how to send. Edit: Edit the message. Delete: Delete the message. Delete all: Delete all the messages from the Inbox. Advanced Copy to phone/SIM: Copy the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Copy all: Copy all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or copy all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. 5 Sent items Menu>Messages>Sent items View the messages sent by you to other numbers Menu > Messages > Sent messages View: View sent messages. Forward: Forward the sent messages Delete: Delete a message in the sent items folder Delete All: Delete all messages in the sent items folder Advanced ? Copy to phone/SIM: Copy the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Copy all: Copy all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or copy all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the messages stored in SIM to the phone memory, or move all the messages stored in the phone memory to SIM. 6 Archive Menu>Messages>Archive Allows you to save messages received in your inbox into this archive folder. 7 Delete Messages Menu>Messages>Delete messages Delete messages from the following folders: Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent messages, Archive, All messages 8 Templates Menu>Messages>Templates>SMS Templates/MMS Templates The phone has preset frequently used phrases which may be selected and added to the text when you are editing SMS. Preset phrases may be modified. 9 Message settings Menu>Messages>Messages settings SMS Settings Menu>Messages>Message settings>SMS settings Profile settings- †¢ Voicemail server †¢ Common settings- Set to receive Delivery reports, Reply path, Save Sent message. †¢ Memory status †¢ Preferred storage MMS Settings Menu>Messages>Message settings>MMS settings †¢ Profiles- Select a profile from the available network profiles. †¢ Common setting- Select to compose, send, retrieve or view the memory status. 10 EMAIL E-Mail Before use, you need to set the e-mail i n the â€Å"E-mail accounts† menu. Via this menu, you can receive and send e-mail.  ¦ Send and Receive: You can send/receive the e-mail from the specified mailbox. Write Email: You can edit e-mails.  ¦ Inbox: You can see the received e-mails.  ¦ Outbox: You can see the sent e-mails.  ¦ Sent: You can view send e-mails.  ¦ Drafts: You can see the drafts in the specified mailbox.  ¦ Clear mailbox: You can clear the e-mails in the specified mailbox, including inbox, outbox, sent e-mail backup and drafts, or clear all e-mails.  ¦ Delete marked emails: You can change the status of all e-mails to deleting status.  ¦ Email accounts: You can set up you new account.  ¦ Templates: you can pre-edit some common phrases, which is convenient for quick editing. Incoming Server: You can set the server parameters for the received e-mails, including Incoming server, Incoming port, user name and password etc. o Signature: You can set it On or Off and edit the signature. The fir st step in using email on your mobile phone is to define your email account’s settings so that your mobile phone knows which server to contact and to login using the correct credentials. TO CONFIGURE A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT: Go to: †¢ Email >Email accounts> Options >New Account> Start to create account >Email address >Options >Next > Select email protocol (‘POP3’ or ‘IMAP- as per the account settings). Next >Select Data account (as per the SIM connection) > Incoming Server (edit email incoming server as per the account standard settings). †¢ Next > Outgoing Server (edit email outgoing server as per the account standard settings) >User Name > Password > Account Name > Options > Done (email account is created) †¢ Go to- Created email account >Options > Edit (user can edit email account settings if required) †¢ Advance Settings > Outgoing Sever > Outgoing Port (Input correct outgoing port according to the email configuration). Advance Settings > Incoming Server > Incoming Port (Input correct incoming port according to the email configuration) †¢ Go to- Configured email account > Options > Activate Your email account is now created! 11 Broadcast Message Menu > Messages > Broadcast Message The phone supports Broadcast Message. It is supported by GSM network. Broadcast messages are single-way messages sent to the users of the network operators by the message service center. For the contents and channel setup of broadcast messages, consult your network operator. Phone & Call Settings Customized General Settings/Phone Settings/ Connection Settings |Functions |Description | |Set time and date |Menu > Settings > Phone settings > Time and date | |Schedule power on/off |Menu > Settings > Phone settings > Schedule power on/off | | |To disable and enable status; to activate/deactivate, switch on/off, and time in turn. |Select language |Menu > Settings > Phone settings > Language | |Set Display setup |Menu > Settings > Phone se ttings gt; Display Setup > Wallpaper/Screen saver/Show date and | | |time/LCD backlight/ Show owner number | |Set Greeting text |Menu > Settings > Phone settings > Greeting Text | |Auto update of date and time On/Off |Menu > Settings > Phone settings > Auto update of date and time | |Set Caller ID |Menu > Settings > Call settings > SIM1/2 call settings>Caller ID | |Set Call waiting |Menu > Settings > Call settings > SIM1-2 call settings>Call  waiting | |Set call Divert |Menu > Settings > Call settings > SIM1-2 call settings> Call Divert Tip: You can select | | |Cancel all divert to cancel all the divert settings. | |Set Call Barring |Menu > Settings > Call settings > SIM1-2 call settings> Call Barring. Restrict Calls is | | |a GSM network service. Please contact your network operator to obtain the password for | | |opening this service. |Set the Blacklist |Menu > Settings > Call settings > Advance settings>Blacklist | |Reject by SMS |Menu > Settings > Call settings > Advance sett ings>Reject by SMS | | |Reject a call by SMS | |Select network |Menu > Settings > Network settings >SIM 1-2 network settings | | |New Search: The phone will select a new network automatically. | | |Select Network: The phone will search and display the list of known networks for you to | | |select the desired one, after which, the phone will try to log in the selected network. | | |If the selected network is registered successfully, it will prompt so. | |Set information of GPRS Connection |Menu > Connectivity> Data account>GPRS/GSM Data | |WIFI Menu>WIFI | | |Enable the WiFi connection in your phone to gain access to internet at any WiFi enabled | | |location | |Restore factory default |Menu > Settings > Restore factory settings | | |Tip: You need to enter the phone password when you want to restore factory default. The | | |preset phone password is 0000. Please bear your password in mind. Incase you forget it, | | |contact the local dealer or an authorized service center. | User Profiles 1 User Profile Setup Functions |Description | |Activate the profile mode |Menu > Settings> User profiles > Desired mode>Options > Activate | |Set the ringtone for incoming calls |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Tone setup> SIM1-2 Incoming call | |Set the ringtone for messages |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Tone setup> SIM1-2 message tone | |Set the ringtone for key pad tone |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Tone setup> Keypad tone | |Adjust the volume of Ring Tone / Key |Menu > Settings > User profiles >Customize> Volume | |Tone | | |Set Alert Type of ringing |Menu> Settings > User profiles> Customize >Alert type | |Set the ring type |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Ring type | |Set the Extra Tone |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Extra tone | |Set the answer mode |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Answer mode | Entertainment 1 Camera Menu > Camera Tap on the screen to view various functions. From Settings choose from a list of functions below to carry out the desired task Photos: View the images clicked. Camera settings: Set EV, Banding, delay timer, shutter sound, contrast and cont. shot, Image settings: Set the size and quality of photos. White balance: Set White Balance. Scene mode: Set scene mode. Effect settings: Set the special effects of photos, such as Grayscale, Sepia, Sepia Green and Colour Invert. Storage: Select phone or memory card. Restore default: Restore default settings. 2 Image Viewer Menu > Image viewer On the Image viewer list screen, open the image and select Options> View: View the highlighted photo. Edit: Edit the image Browse style: Select the style of viewing. Send: Send the photo by MMS or Bluetooth, Email Use as: Set the highlighted photo as wallpaper, screen saver, or the photo caller ID of a Phonebook entry. Rename: Rename the highlighted file. Delete: Delete the highlighted file. Delete all files: Delete all the files from the list. Sort by: Sort the files in the list. Storage: Select phone or memory card. 3 Video Recorder Menu>Video Recorder Choose from a list of functions below to carry out the desired task- Camcorder settings: set White Balance, EV, Night Mode and Banding. Video settings: Set video settings as per your requirement White balance: Set white balance Video settings: Set the Video Quality, File size limit, Rec time limit, and record audio. Effect settings: Set the special effects, such as Grayscale, Sepia, and Sepia Green etc. Restore default: Restore default settings. 4 Video Player Menu > Video player On the video player list screen, select Options > Send: Send the video by MMS or Bluetooth. Rename: Rename the highlighted file. Delete: Delete the highlighted file. Delete all files: Delete all the files from the list. Sort by: Sort the files in the list. Streaming URL: Allows you to browse sites like Youtube, Google. This feature is a network dependant service. Profile: Choose and activae a desired profile. Storage: Select phone or memory card. YouTube You can now watch videos on your phone on the popular YouTube site. Menu>Video Player>Streaming URL>Predefined>YouTube Note: This service is network dependant. Please get in touch with your network operator for the desired settings. 5 Music Player Menu > Music To add songs in your phone either add them from the phone memory or select the memory card by going to – Music player>Settings>Player settings> Pre playlist (Phone/Memory card) Playlists: Allows you to make a playlist and add songs in it either from the phone memory or the memory card. All tracks: Allows you to view all the tracks Recently played: View a list of the recently played songs Most played: View the most played songs. Recently added: View the list of recently added songs Artists: Add the artist name Albums: Add the album name Genres: Add a genre/type to your songs Refresh list: Refresh the playlist Nxp Equalizer: Add sound effects to your songs. Choose from a number of exciting effects like: bassbooster, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavymetal, Hiphop, Jazz, Piano, Pop, Rock, Spokenworkd, Symphony, Theater, Treblebooster, Latin, Vocalbooster, Bassreducer, Treblereduces & Normal. Settings: †¢ Player settings †¢ Display settings †¢ Sound effects 6 Photo editor Menu> Photo editor Allows you to resize the images stored in your phone 7 Sound Recorder Menu > Sound recorder On the Sound Recorder list screen, you can select: Play: Play the recorded sound Append: Add a sound Rename: Rename the highlighted recording. Delete: Delete the highlighted recording. Delete all files: Delete all the recordings from the list. Use as: Send the highlighted record to the ringtone list for profiles. Send: Send the highlighted record by MMS, Bluetooth or Email. 8 Slide show Menu> Slide show Allows you to view images as a slide show. 9 FM Radio Menu > FM radio To search channels- Options> >Auto search To save the channel list- Select one or all channels and add them to the channel list. To change channels- Long press on the ‘>’ key to change to the next channel Fun & Games 1 Games Menu > Games Your phone has many preloaded exciting games in it. Choose the game you wish to play and cross various levels to set the ultimate highest score. Bluetooth You can connect wirelessly to other compatible device with Bluetooth technology. Compatible devices may include computers, mobile phones. You can use Bluetooth connectivity to send images, music and sound clips, video clips, and notes. Since devices with Bluetooth wireless technology communicate using radio waves, your device and the other devices need to be within a range of 10 meters from each other, but the connection may be subject to interference or could face obstruction from stuff such as wall or from other electronic devices. Use the wireless technology of Bluetooth to be able to consume battery quantity of electric charge. If you are restricted by something when using Bluetooth technology, consult your local Micromax support/service station. 1 To Activate/Deactivate Bluetooth Connectivity Menu > Connectivity>Bluetooth > Power(On/Off) 2 To Search/Inquire Audio Device Menu > Connectivity> Bluetooth > Inquiry audio device Tip: Please activate the Bluetooth first. To Search My (new) device Menu > Connectivity> Bluetooth > My device > Inquiry new device Tip: Please activate the Bluetooth first. 4 Active Device Menu > Connectivity> Bluetooth > Active Device Tip: Please activate the Bluetooth first. 5 Settings Me nu > Connectivity>Bluetooth > Settings View the following options to change/edit the Bluetooth settings- Visibility- Switch ON/OFF to display your Bluetooth device visbility Device name- Edit your Bluetooth device display name Receive folder- View items received via Bluetooth in the phone/SIM memory Device information- View details about your Bluetooth device. Organizer Functions |Description | |View the calendar |Menu > Calendar | |Notes |Menu > Notes | |Tasks |Menu > Tasks | |Set the alarm |Menu > Alarm > Edit | |World clock |Menu > Applications>World clock | |Calculator |Menu > Calculator | |Unit converter |Menu > Applications>Currency converter | |Text reader |Menu > Applications>Text reader | File Manager When a USB cable is connected, you can use the phone as a USB mass storage. |Functions |Description | |View folders |Menu > File manager> Options > Open> View folders in phone or SIM memory | |Format |Menu > File manager > Options > Format | WAP & JAVA Services 1 WAP Browser Menu > Connectivity > WAP You need to make the relevant settings in WAP Setup before you use the WAP browser to surf the web. When the WAP browser is activated, if a homepage is set in WAP Setup, the phone will link the website indicated by the homepage; otherwise, you may enter a website and the phone will connect to it. When surfing the web, select Options > Refresh: To refresh the web page. Homepage: To link the homepage. Input URL: input a website address. Add Bookmark: Add to bookmark. Set Homepage: set the URL as homepage. Forward/Backward: To turn to the next /previous page. Advance: Show URL info, Bookmark, Save item. Exit: To exit the browser. 2 WAP Setup WAP settings are required for surfing the web with WAP. Follow the steps below to set up a WAP account: †¢ Connectivity > Data Account > GPRS > Add account > Add account name/ APN/ Username & password > Save. Then go to: Menu >Connectivity > WAP >Settings > Profiles > Add new > Account Name/ Homepage/ Data Account (select the previously created data account) > Select connection type (HTTP/WAP- Indise HTTP & WAP ener the correct proxy address & port > Done > Save the account >Go to the created account & activate. Menu > Connectivity> WAP> Settings>Profile You can set the following: Account: To select from the GPRS connection list. Connection type: To set WAP or HTTP connection mode. Home page: To set the address of the homepage. The phone has a default and you can modify it. 3 Java Menu > Applications>Java You can install Java applications to enhance the multimedia function. It also allows you to connect to Snaptu, Nimbuzz and Operamini as well. Java settings Menu > Connectivity>JAVA settings STK 1 STK Services If your SIM card supports STK, you may use the corresponding value-added services. Inputting Text You can enter text in English and digit. Phone Suite Connect your phone and PC via the USB cable> Select COM Port PhoneSuite provides various functionalities for users to manage the documents in their mobile phone easily on a PC. It will communicate with mobile phone via serial communication or Bluetooth. †¢ Phonebook is used to manage the contacts information between the mobile phone and the PC folder. In addition to adding, editing and deleting contacts, users can get a backup of the phonebook database on the PC folder †¢ Message helps users to read, edit nd send SMS/EMS messages directly from PC. Besides, you can create personal folders to categorize all messages on the PC side. †¢ Settings: contains the system-related settings and message default settings. Users also can set whether they want to import contact list from other software or not here. †¢ Images: is us ed to draw images of various file types, and transport the images between the PC and mobile phone. It also provides clip, mirror and rotate functions to reach user's expectation. †¢ Melody: provides a easier way to compose your own melody through the staff graphic interface. It also provides the functions to transport the melodies between PC and mobile phone. MMS Message: helps users to read, edit MMS messages directly from PC. Users also can transport MMS messages between PC and mobile phone. †¢ File Manager provides a friendly interface for users to manage their files between the PC and the mobile phone. Functionalities of â€Å"copy†, â€Å"paste†, â€Å"delete†, â€Å"rename† and â€Å"new folder† are provided in the out tool. Besides, File Manager also supports local java installation from PC side. Maintenance Use a dry soft cloth to wipe general dirt. Do not use a hard cloth, benzene or thinner to wipe the phone, otherwise, the surf ace of the phone will be scratched or could even result in the fading of color. Taking Care of your Device Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship and should be handled with care: The following suggestions will help you protect your phone: †¢ Always keep the small parts of the phone away from children. †¢ Keep the device dry. Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that will rust electronic circuits. If your device does get wet, remove the battery, and allow the device to dry completely before replacing it. †¢ Do not use or store the device in dusty, dirty areas. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged. †¢ Do not store the device in high or cold temperature. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices and damage batteries. Do not attempt to open the device other than as instructed in this guide. †¢ Do not drop, knock, or shake the device. Rough handling can br eak internal circuit boards and fine mechanics. †¢ Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the device. Only use a soft, clean, dry cloth to clean the surface of the device. †¢ Do not paint the device. Paint can clog the moving parts and prevent proper operation. †¢ Use chargers indoors After Services For details, see the After Service Guide supplied with the phone. 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